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Workshop on Savings Energy – Bekasi, Jakarta, 18 June 2014

Workshop on Savings Energy – Bekasi, Jakarta, 18 June 2014

This event was organised by the Shopping Mall Association of Indonesia and JATAS was invited to be one the key speaker to share about the use of solar energy to reduce energy bills for the shopping malls. This workshop was held at the Auditorium of Bekasi Square Mall was attended by about 100 participants from different Malls in Bekasi.

Some of the participants shared their concerns over the high rising electrical tariff which is about 11-24% on the average, the constant unscheduled power shutdown and also long waiting time to increase the electricity demand from the local Utility Grid.

Also, it was pointed that electricity consumption almost take up about 40% of the total operating cost of the shopping malls and in one of the Mall, the electricity bill dan be as high as Rp1.7Milyar (US$136,000) per month. JATAS presented the different type of PV systems and how it can help to reduce the energy cost and also shared the various advantages on the use of renewable energy.

Among the many advantages, one of which is the use of clean energy which has no impact on the environment and how it can help to reduce carbon emission (CO2). Most important of all is that there is only an initial investment and that the Mall Owners will have no worry about the price increase of electricity tariff after that.

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